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Blackbeard the Pirate

Blackbeard the Pirate (1680-1718) and Ocracoke Island.

Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard the Pirate had a notorious reputation. He stood tall with a long black beard . It was said he would wear lighted cannon fuses in his beard during battle. Blackbeard and his crew would plunder merchant ships, seizing their valuables,  silver and gold, cargo, weapons, food and rum.

Blackbeard anchored his ships off Springer’s Point on Ocracoke Island. This is the place where he was killed in a battle on Nov. 22, 1718 with Lt. Robert Maynard.  Legend has it that Blackbeard had such great strength that after the battle the Lieutenant cut off Blackbeard’s head and threw Blackbeard’s headless body overboard , his headless body swam around the ship four times before sinking at Ocracoke Inlet.

Blackbeard’s most famous ship was the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the captured 300 ton former slave ship, the Concorde.  The Queen Anne’s Revenge was the pirate’s largest ship, it was used for plundering 18 ships in the seven months it was commanded by Blackbeard. The Queen Anne’s Revenge was run aground near Beaufort, NC in  June 1718.

Blackbeard was the fiercest and most feared pirate in the Carolinas.
Blackbeard pirate Queen Annes Revenge